Rune Heivang


My dear friends,

Let’s talk about something truly remarkable today: Awakening. 

As we speak about it, as we imagine it, we arrive there, and See a moment of clarity.

So what is it?

In the first place, it helps to know that when we experience Awakening, we feel no need to question it.

The experience is as clear and undeniable as the sun in the sky.

But for guidance, let’s make a concept in our minds.

Awakening is an experience that cannot be separated from Truth. Here, life becomes an understanding that exists beyond the senses. And as such, a separation from labels, conditioning, concepts, and beliefs must precede Awakening.

In this journey, there are obstacles, and they all exist in our minds. If our minds are too cluttered with knowledge, judgements, and concepts, there may be no room left for Truth.

The beauty of Awakening is that it can happen anytime, anywhere, always, and forever. It doesn’t matter where you are in terms of spiritual purity or progress, because pure Awareness transcends all perception.

Awakening overcomes all doubt. It’s as self-evident as the smile on your face when you are filled with joy. The only tools you’ll ever need to find it are innocence and openness, like a child’s wonder. Now imagine yourself the child, but you are also the world around you — not yet fully explored. Our perceptions of life are beautiful. We see, we think, we evaluate, we feel, we experience.

Everything happens as naturally as the flow of time.

But here is the marvel of Awakening: You are not the body or the mind, you are their Observer.

You are the pure sense of Being. You are the Awareness observing the body and mind, which are here today.

So let’s embrace the journey of Awakening with open hearts. In it, there is something to be discovered, and in it is all of Us. It is you. It is I.

The destination is never far, because the Truth is already within us, just waiting to be Seen. 

Thank you for sharing this timeless moment of clarity and joy.