You can choose to participate 7,14 or 21 days

7, 14 or 21 days  of ceremony held in the sacred shining light of joy (April 6-28).  Each day includes 6 hours of blissful rest, unique movements, and meditations in the embrace of real silence, where it unfolds itself more and more. Each week includes 3 days of Silent Retreat.

The song of joy

The unknown is at the heart of every person. It exists beyond body-mind, all thought and feeling. It is your still point. Real silence is the only gate to real joy. Like sudden light out of darkness, the low energy field melts into nothing and is experienced as joy.

In Real Silence, you will See the teacher is you. You will find no master or student. No virtues. No knowledge to gain. No stages of growth or enlightenment. No liberation in life or death. No desire. Only a stateless state free of thought and feeling.
Abide as what you know is true, and See no discrimination between the real and unreal.
Real Silence is indeed real joy, let us meet Here!

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Retreats with Rune Heivang are intended to open the gates of awakening in the shared vibration of stillness.
By taking part, you will also meet a small group of people who have been to many retreats and in good company over the years. The union of familiar retreat goers and open-minded newcomers creates a powerful space of pure stillness, which invites the essence of awakening to take place.
Here, you will find that Real Silence is the only gate to real joy, and that awakening to higher states of Consciousness ultimately leads to the end of all seeking.
We kindly ask that you read the information here to find out if this retreat is right for you. We welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to benefit from the unique knowledge, experience, and awakening offered.
When you arrive with this genuine purpose, you are guaranteed to leave with a newfound understanding of who you really are. As in the teachings we offer, it is the attitude of the person that allows the retreat to serve them fully, and create a  comfortable place to expand into light each moment and each day during their stay.
Please reach out with any questions and to learn more about Rune Heivang Retreats and how we can serve you.

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Make a connection with these words, and find out if this retreat is for you.


Our dear friends in BLISS GUEST HOUSE by Danube river, warmly welcome us back for this special retreat. I invite you to meet warm people in good company, silence, rest, joy, nature, fresh air and healthy food.

– The Natural Park Portile De Fier is the largest natural park in Romania, it
has 18 natural reservations. Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici, the narrowest
and most beautiful area of the Gorge, with precipitous rocks, specific vegetation, and caves, is located on the territory of Dubova. Between Eselnita and Dubova, there is the face of Decebalus, the last king of Dacia. The 55 m high bas-relief is the tallest stone sculpture in Europe and the second in the world. –

Bliss Guesthouse, located right on the banks of the Danube hosts us for the 21
days of the retreat. The climate in the Danube Gorge has Mediterranean notes,
so we will be able to enjoy pleasant weather and walks.

Bliss has 24 double rooms, and to facilitate the participation of all those who wish to join us, accommodation is possible for 2 people/room only.

If you prefer a certain roommate, write us an email at

If, however, you would like to have a single room, please contact us, we will try to help you with the accommodation at a guesthouse neighboring Bliss.

The food will be delicious and diversified, so vegetarians, or carnivores :))) will be taken care of.

In the end, the picture looks like this:

On the banks of the magical Danube, with friends, in Bliss.     We look forward to meeting again!

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 Dubova COUNTY,  – DN-57, ROMANIA

Which understanding would have the greatest impact in your life?


The participation fee and accommodation will be paid separately.

The participation fee is 1850 lei for one week,  2850 lei for two weeks, respectively 3800 lei for three weeks.

Registering without paying the participation fee does not reserve your place in the retreat.

For bank transfer, please send us the payment confirmation at:


For registration and payment before March 28, you benefit from a 15% discount and will pay only

– 1550 lei for one week

– 2400 lei for two weeks

– 3200 lei for three weeks

15% discount

before 28 March 2024


 Bliss has 24 double rooms. Reservations will be made in the order of registration and payment of the participation fee.


Accommodation in a double room only:

One week – 1800 lei per person – accommodation & meals

Two weeks – 3500 lei per person – accommodation & meals

Three weeks – 5000 lei per person – accommodation & meals

Accommodation and meals are paid in cash or card at Bliss, on the day of arrival.

If you want to share the room with a specific person, please write us at

MEALS:  3 meals/day and a coffee break with cookies. 


If you want a single room please contact us at one of the phone numbers in the CONTACT section

This retreat has limited places:

We offer some single rooms, with some higher prices for the ones who prefere this. 

7 days / 2450 lei single

14 days / 4900 lei single

21 days / 7300 lei single


– until 28 March May we will refund you in full, minus bank fees
– between 29 March – 04 April  we return 50% of the amount, minus bank fees
– starting on 05 April the paid amount is not refundable.

April 06 – 28
April 06 check-in: 16:00.
First session – 18:00, last session Saturday – 21:00. The last Sunday April 28, we check out at 10.00

The sessions will be in English with Romanian translation where needed and will have the following schedule:

– 3 hours in the morning
– lunch break
– 3 hours in the afternoon and evening

The program is indicative and may undergo changes.

NOTE: Sessions include teaching, practice, meditation and Q&A

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Thousands of people have found joy with Rune Heivang
Rune Heivang has hosted more than 200 retreats in the mountains, by the sea and ocean, in the forest and by the river, and countless mini retreats in many cities. He has met over 20,000 people along the way. Many have stayed for years. Each retreat brings its own special experience, and a new moment to see and be the brilliancy of the divine principle of joy expressing itself as human.
These retreats are an exercise in the bottomless depths of logic, where knowledge alone is no match for experience.
At a certain point, ideas fade into thoughts, or they become alive. The purpose of these retreats is to turn pure logic into ideas, and ideas into reality.
We explore the full depth of the teaching, experiencing a shift from thought to formless beauty, where logic blooms but can go no further.
Make a connection with these words, and find out if this retreat is for you.
What are people’s experiences with Rune Heivang’s retreats?

Iulia Sazbo

Great insights, very calming to listening to. life changing, simple way to live

Cristian Cotea

Life changing!!! Thank you!

Sunay C

It was recommended to me by a dear friend. From the moment I started listening to it, I never stopped. I listened to everything that was uploaded on YouTube platforms, etc. Thank you Rune Heivang for the way you enter my heart and open my eyes, my mind

Alina Kopek

WOW this was very beautiful! Thank You!






Splendid. Thank you


I returned from the camp, from Sinaia ~ altitude 1400 and my Heart, wants to share with you. I FELL IN LOVE WITH LIFE! FOR LIFE WITH LIFE. In this retreat, something happened, it cannot be explained in words ~ you had to be there it, to feel it, to be one with it. I participated in many camps over the years, but like now...this behavior given by the dance, which I did every morning, it took me to a peace and a boundless love. For me it was the DANCE OF THE FACE My soul bubbled, rejoiced, played.... I felt free, alive, without limits, beloved. I FELL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF!........ I wonder~ maybe, for you, my partners of the dance was for you?


After a week since the retreat from the sea ended, I can say that it was a strangely intense retreat, very intense actually, it's hard to describe in words, but what happened is beyond the state of presence, beyond meditation or what the mind can conceive, it is as if all are given at the same time. There is no longer anyone to say I forgot to be present, there is no longer anyone there to check whether I am present or not, it is pure and simple joy. It is something extraordinary to see how more and more people are beginning to discover, feel and see.., you are all blessed, each in your own unique way, I am so glad that I met you and that we can see together from this way of being, beyond words…,


Whether I'm around you or far away, I always carry you in my heart Thank you for existing

Iulia OM

Simply the best !!! I had the most wonderful teaching. Thank you


I felt great a whole week and realised it can continue! Thank you. Because it showed me how beautiful Life is lived without an "I". Because it showed me that Living Life Totally Here is the LOVE I've been looking for. Thank you


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the existence of this space created by you, where I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful PRESENT: Runes. Thank you for the meditation sent by email. It is the most powerful meditation I have done so far. He managed to walk me through so many dimensions, keeping me anchored in the same space to allow the vision to be higher. To be able to get out of the world of emotions so easily and powerfully at the same time. It was fantastic. How beautiful it takes you and brings you rising up It had something from INCEPTION. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you


THE MAGIC EXISTS. I lived it in the Sinaia camp. Two wonderful people shared it with us FINDING and LIVING what they were teaching us. I got what I actually had and it's wonderful. NOTHING NO ONE can take or give you this GIFT. This meeting changed my life, in fact it did GIVEN LIFE. I would like to let everyone know what gifts there are for the one who is looking for them. But SILENCE does it instead my. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!

Which understanding would have the greatest impact in your life?


Teodora Olariu: +40.721.589.690