Rune Heivang

The Sound of Silence

“The Sound of Silence”

For those who listen and Hear, the Sound of Silence is similar to musical notes.

When we hear music, we are hearing something that will stay with us, because it is learned.

We can hear a piece of music in our minds, long after it has been played. And we can remember the sound of music much longer and deeper than we can remember anything else. The Sound of Silence is the music by which you will be guided to the Absolute.

Like musical notes, these words may cut right to the heart.

These words may startle you.

Yet, like a piercing melody, the music washes over you in compassion.

It washes over the ego and the self, leaving your true nature in its place.

It is the ultimate goal of teaching — to establish a link, a connection, and a revelation of Truth.

Words are not the answer. The answer is the music that we remember, and the words are their notes.

When we hear music, we pour ourselves into it. Only as one, the music and the listener, can the music be heard. Because music played without a listener is Silence.

And now you will hear the Sound of Silence. In this sound, you will be unable to neglect your own inner wisdom. Its loudness, directness, and clarity will awaken it.

This teaching will shake you out of reliance on the teacher.

The teacher, through the Sound of Silence, will share with you the song you’ve always known.

Attendees at these retreats come from every profession. We arrive as psychologists, coaches, spiritual practitioners, and teachers of yoga, mindfulness, healing, and meditation. Many of us have explored the realm of enlightenment, some for shorter, some for longer.

Yet we all have something to learn from the Sound of Silence.

In his teaching, your life experiences serve as a footing as you step into the unknown, where the discovery of inner peace, joy, and the infinite expression of freedom await.

Who here on earth does not wish to experience profound inner rest?

Who does not want to discover inner peace that exists unconditionally?

For this Absolute reason, the Sound of Silence is an invitation to all.

I have shared in the Sound of Silence. I have shared in absolute joy, with divine tears, in sadness, as a circus, in deep gratitude, in love, with laughter and more laughter, even as the Sound of Music. 😉

As I asked myself and I asked you, “What do you really want? ..…… forever?”

And in this journey, like the journey of Siddhartha which many of us know, the journey is the discovery of what we was not.

And the more you learned what you were not, the figments of imagination fell from you and crumbled onto the ground.

And the more you learned, the less was left, until all had crumbled and all was left was light.

But this was not only your own experience. It was an experience we shared in good company.

And in it we came to a collective conclusion or you will. It is Here! The Gold you search for in life will never be found. At times, we may feel like we touch it, and we can see it.

But then it disappears. It always disappears.

And that’s because everything changes all the time.

So why do we look?

Is there anything to find, if it is gone the moment we do?

But what if we already have it? What if the thing we are not looking for is the only thing there is to find?

It is our shared goal to arrive at Zero Point in the Now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

This is it. This is the clarity we seek.

The Sound of Silence is our friend, our guide. And our silence is the singer, the Sound of Music.

At some point, the teacher, the singer, fades into the song.

At some point, you become the master of your own discovery, the music that you hear.

You begin to explore the landscapes of being, as they shift, move, and break apart under your feet.

And then, you no longer have the need to ask for answers from anyone, nor anything. At times, you may feel the need to hear an echo in the music, a note sung by another being.

And in togetherness, we brace ourselves for reunion.

It is in this context that we become the notes of our own song, of our own Silence.

As we become the music, we dispel illusions about witnessing stages, presence, consciousness levels, dark nights, states, and spiritual concepts.

It is important to understand that your divinity exists in the present moment, and such events are not about self-help, nor healing, nor coaching.

If there is anything you don’t understand, please, only ask.

The essence of our work exists in understanding. We are but your guides in revealing the One Secret, and that is what you already are.

And when you grasp is, you become it. But how is it possible to make you realise this?

What must be said?

This is the great mystery we have been piecing together for years.

Do not let your complex mind lead you astray when you hear the Sound of Silence.

Few words may trigger profound insights when many may leave you trapped in thought.

The results are often silent awe. In the Sound of Silence, we explore the essence as opposed to life experiences, which are many, but an essence is but one.

We seek not to be bogged down in names, energies, or levels of consciousness.

We recognise the necessity to use words for communication, and to have fun, ask questions, and understand.

In the Sound of Silence, ideas and words can change in a flash. Because like the Gold we seek in life, answers disappear when they are found.

Words and thoughts are temporary, and we use them as stepping stones.

Our destination is always a place of Pure Silence, and words help us reach it.

Here, the ignorance of identity and self evaporates.

Without words, existence is shining peacefully all the time.

Anything else would be a falsehood. And that is why ultimately, the answer is without words.

But we arrive here as individuals. We join as individuals to become one. That is why in the Sound of Silence you will find compassion. You will find humour. You will find responsibility, love, strength, and intelligence.

It is in the human qualities that we find the point of the arrow, an object to pierce through ignorance to reach the heart of Truth. And in the Sound of Silence, it exists in abundance.

Do not seek poetry here. Do not seek inspiration.

Allow yourself to sink into your own essence, whether you come in pain or love.

Your purity, innocence, guilt, or shame is not in question here.

Please understand that the goal of these events is nothing more than to expand your consciousness to its limits and beyond.

Achieving this, you will experience your true essence, genuine peace, joy, clarity, and freedom.

If you do not seek this single and infinite Absolute, these events may not be for you.

If you choose to attend, nothing is required but to commit yourself wholly to this Absolute.

Should you hear the Sound of Silence, please know that you are ultimately the master of the solution it offers. It is yours to know, to hold, to practice.

It belongs to you now, and no one else.

In our teachings, we do not believe in idolising, pleasing, or worshiping those who teach.

We are equals, we are friends, and we have no motives other than the sharing of wisdom.

And when wisdom takes precedence over friendship, then it is the truest form of friendship there is.

If you are compelled to offer anything, be certain of your intentions, because gifts are can be declined.

This is because accepting offerings may complicate the connection, especially when the teachings already challenge your beliefs.

It may so happen that an unvarnished truth may be shared about your identity. Please understand that such sharings have no intention to be rude or offend. They only arise from an urgency to alleviate suffering and break the facade of ignorance.

A person representing the greatest gift gives their voice to the divine vision. Politeness is not primary. It is to share with you the greatest gift, beyond your ego.

What is actually being said? What is the purpose of the words?

What is it that you want?

If you do not hear painless Silence, you are still on your journey, and we urge you forward.

By relinquishing the pursuit of enlightenment, you may come closer to it. You may begin by simply letting go of this term!

Every Awakening is unique to each individual. For this reason, it is not something you can hear, feel, or acquire from anyone. All words and experiences that are shared are to clarify this: you will know when you’ve found it, and you’ve found it because you cannot know what it is.

In this essence we discover that there is no I to know anything and that a body can never be enlightened. A cloud can never become the sky.

The night can never become the sun.

The sun does not know the night.

A thought cannot become the Seer that Sees the thought.

The Eye cannot See itself.

Many are confused by the simple fact that I cannot know my creator.

That is because I am a thought. When I ask myself, “What is my creator?”, what else can respond but another thought?

In this quest for Truth, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having expectations.

But without expectations, we find Truth, and everything around us transforms into a state of beauty and tranquillity.

It is the most profound paradox.

In Truth, we discover that the true self, the Seer, is always present, and is always here, and never “there”.

It is like Aristotle’s paradox of time, but reflecting the self.

In such a revelation, we find that we are always “on our way”. We are always moving towards some future state. But here is the profound insight: in the Here, there can be no expectations, because the moment has already arrived.

And “there”, is nothing. That is because all is the eternal present. It is the timeless realm that we come to recognise as living nothingness.

And in the moment, the knower of truth understands that “I am not the doer”, even as they see, hear, touch, smell, eat, walk, sleep, breathe, and talk. Because actions are but figments of time, where cause and effect can be anticipated, and what you do now is felt in the future. 

In the journey of self-discovery, we understand that the flow of divine intelligence is not a destination like our concept of the future.

Instead, this flow is like a thread weaving the fabric of our existence, and it is always the same, whether we are here or “there”.

The beauty of existence is our fabric, it surrounds us, and is always waiting to be Seen and embraced.

Finding Silence is like catching yourself falling asleep, only to “fall awake”.

You’ve gone nowhere, yet you’re back.

The thought doubts itself to be Divine, and the thought wonders if it will be lost. And as it begins to fall asleep, it awakens itself.

Do not be the thought that wakes itself. You are always Awake. You were never sleeping.

You are not the thought. Only the thought sleeps.

And as we see the sleeping thought, we see it for what it is: consciousness, seeing, being, experiencing.

And as we look closer, we see its composition, the fundamental elements: earth, water, fire, air, and energy.

Yet, you are elsewhere now, observing the experience.

You are free now, yet you were never seeking this freedom.

You are awake now, but your true essence never slept.

Truth never slept the sleep of thought, of changing states, of life and death, and of time.

For the Truth, the identity is a dream never had.

And to See the Truth, is to Awaken from that dream.

Meditation does not set you free. It shows you that you are already free.

As the dream crumbles and falls, you become the shining light. You shine so bright, until all melts away and disappears.

Disappears into something majestic, a Pure Nothingness without beginning or end. There is no name or word that can capture its meaning.

You can only See it.

And to truly See it, you must be it. Be what was always here, never “there”.

And once Seen, it cannot be unseen.

The Seer is:

It never came because it never left

It is never found because it is never lost

Time, thought, and feeling are always coming and going, being lost and being found.

The Seer is not time, it is not thought, it is not feeling.

The Seer is changeless.

These words are mine and mine alone, and intended as a token of gratitude for the journey shared.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Love and Light,

Rune Heivang