Rune Heivang


The Teacher

If freedom is an inward journey, what role does a teacher play?

A teacher of self-realisation must not only possess the above attributes, but they must be able to channel them into you, the student. To do this, the teacher must exist as their teachings, reveal it in infinite forms, and ultimately share what cannot be shared.

Those who believe they can learn on their own are not exposed to the manifestation of their purpose. Their ignorance can result in misinterpretation, and there is nothing to correct them. The teacher exists as the teaching. They are free, and they will reveal the truth at the level of freedom.

In the presence of the teacher, the truth is never far. Through them, the teachings are alive, and they interact with you, in your ignorance and in your acceptance. A true teacher is dispassionate and self-fulfilled. They have nothing to gain by teaching you. It is their nature to warn you against attachment, shifting clarity, peace, joy, and most of all, the blissful states you believe.

The teacher’s nature is to guide you in destroying the illusion. They do not do it for you, because the truth is what you already are, and you must BE, not DO. This comes from within. You are the illusion that must be broken.

As you continue to expose your mind to the teacher, you begin to understand that the true teacher is not in front of you, but inside. In yourself, you can verify the truth, as you See your reflection in the teachings you receive, peering deeper and deeper into yourself. The teacher is the mirror by which you will learn to look inside, and See the truth there.

I stand transparent in front of you, when I speak, act, and express. I have bared how you see me, yourself, and everything. I cannot lie, and I cannot hide anything. I cannot fool you with a state, and I cannot fool you with false knowledge. You know, even without me.

What do you know?

You know that no one and nothing can influence you when you’ve Seen the supreme light. In the dark, you See light. All questions become the same. What do you see or hear? What are you thinking? What comes next?

And Seeing this, you become free. There is no teacher. There is no master. There are no traditions or religions for you. By Seeing, you honour you, me, all of us, as the Divine. You can hear music you couldn’t hear before, and that music is Silence. You See that the clouds are never the sky, and your self is a thought drifting like a cloud in nothingness.

You are the master you have been looking for, and when you look for you, me, us, we meet in Silence, the divine placeless place that is so clear when it is revealed. When Seen, it cannot be unseen.

Thank you for sharing this special moment with me, with us, with everyone.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now you can enjoy reading The Books if you like, and read the words you thought you understood before, in awe, as Divine. You probably realise that you did not understood parts of it at all. Now you hear you inner voice read it so clear, it is so precious, not even trying to be poetic, because the truth is poetry by itself. 

You can honour All.

You can ask yourself why so few cannot hear this, see this, be this, but your knowledge again cut it off, revealing again who we all are. You realise that Your Book of Life is the most important of them All, your state is the most important of it all.

The quality of your consciousness, equals the quality of your life.

You realise that no one can give you what you really want, a state will always come and go. You see clearly that no one can do it for you. You see that if you to take 1001% responsibility for your ovn state of being, it is what you get, then no one can take it away from you.

When you do the greatest service for yourself, you see being is sharing bliss is receiving bliss. If bliss is inside, you see, hear, feel, meet it outside.

Living like this honouring your essence, is being in service for All to what you are.

You will Be Free, to Be and Do, not Do to Be,

You are truly The Children of the Sun.

Seeing, observing, being, experiencing, Your Empire of Life

In this majestic silence and nothingness, the whole creation started to smile, laugh, shine and release divine tears, for no reason, and without any technique.

This is why I call them HA HA PEOPLE, a group of friends forever.

No state can compare to this stateless state, a placeless place of everlasting peace.

This is our true nature, our birthright.

We are predestined to SEE what we are, and BE it, because we already are that what cannot be seen. You have to Be it to See it. Now you do!

The Seer is:

Because it never came because it never left
Because it can never be found because it was never lost
Because time, thought, and feeling are all coming and going, all going and coming.