Rune Heivang

When We Wake Up

The Seer is:

Nothing – silence – peace
In nothing arises the first light
Nothing is everything
Consciousness is the first light
You must be aware of the light for it to exist
Pure light is being
Pure light is intelligence
Pure light is creation
Pure light is everything
It is mind / space / time
It is the Universe
It is the World
It is the Body

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now?
Who is this ME?

I am a thought that is seen by a Seer.
Me you cannot see, me you cannot know, me you can only BEEE


Your heart’s plea is met with the unfurling of an endless river of love, a current that carries you towards a whirlpool of eternal fulfilment.

But remember, not all hearts are ready to receive this precious gift.

Those who do not know it, cannot wish it, and will not find themselves upon its river.

I am the divine idea that is stored in your seed. It can be a vision, a feeling or an event. This is a drop of the divine that will trigger your awakening. If you want. Awakening is not the end, it is the beginning that is already here, when you can hear it, see it, be it.


You are predestined to remember your divine nature, so when Grace is calling, like it can as you read or hear this, answer the Call, and vibrate Home.

The Sound of Silence

For those who listen and Hear, the Sound of Silence is similar to musical notes.

When we hear music, we are hearing something that will stay with us, because it is learned.

We can hear a piece of music in our minds, long after it has been played. And we can remember the sound of music much longer and deeper than we can remember anything else. The Sound of Silence is the music by which you will be guided to the Absolute.

When We Wake Up

When We Wake Up

The evolution of our bodies has brought us to the power of thought.

Because we think, we believe we are the thoughts.

But one day, you suddenly wake up from thought.

You are still alive, but you no longer think of yourself as your thoughts.

So What Do You Feel?

What Are You? What is Everything?

Let’s have a look…


My dear friends,

Let’s talk about something truly remarkable today: Awakening.

As we speak about it, as we imagine it, we arrive there, and See a moment of clarity.

So what is it?


If freedom is an inward journey, what role does a teacher play? A teacher of self-realisation must not only possess the described attributes, but they must be able to channel them into you, the student. To do this, the teacher must exist as their teachings, reveal it in infinite forms, and ultimately share what cannot be shared.


Carry these 10 attributes to aid you in the discovery of Truth: 1. Discrimination, 2. Dispassion, 3. Control of Mind, 4. Control of Senses, 5. Doing What is Appropriate to your Nature, 6. Single-Pointedness, 7. Forbearance, 8. Devotion, 9. Faith, 10. Burning Desire for Freedom