Practica de Iluminare în curgere

Liniștea este BEATITUDINE, Liniștea este CURGERE.

«Există o practică de iluminare fără efort, care funcționează instantaneu» Rune Heivang

Pentru toți oamenii
Pentru toate religiile
Pentru toate căile spirituale

Practica în curgere și Transmiterea Sursei
Curgere instantanee, claritate și fericire
Meditație instantanee, vindecare și transformare



Să te mute în Liniște și să te odihnești aici, ca să poți dispărea pentru totdeauna în Beatitudine și să te trezești la un univers FERICIT în fiecare zi.
Doar fii.
Devotament în curgere.

Medicamentul este Lumina
Vindecarea absolută și Transformarea
sunt iluminarea, Sfârșitul tuturor rugăciunilor.

Pentru a găsi locul în care nimic nu mai trebuie vindecat, aceasta este singura Vindecare și Transformare adevărată.



Meditația yoginul zburător
Transmiterea Sursei
Meditația în Liniște
Unele întrebări și răspunsuri

Requirements for joining this event:

You have seen The Map to Enlightenment at least ones,
Preferably you have been in one of Rune Heivang retreats (short or long)
Come, meet Silence, Experience Bliss
Wake up to Your Loving Flowing Self.


Learn and experience:

The Miracle of Silence
The Power for Source Transmission
The Map to Enlightenment
Unite with your LoveSource
How to Let GO and stay in BLISS
How to Stop seeking and realize that the BLISS you really want is Already Given

“I want everyone on this planet to have a practice that instantly can help the realization of what we really want, how to achieve what we want and how it can be enjoyed after” Rune Heivang

This is a practice we can effortlessly do on our own, in total freedom from all other spiritual practices, free from rights and wrongs. Just the same way the children are playing or dancing in freedom. They don’t need any states or practices. The children can just BE here, now. A child who is playing just spontaneously is living and expressing what is in the moment. He/she is whole and complete, free from seeking freedom and this is Enlightenment.


The Flying Yogi Enlightenment Practice:

· STOP, tune in
· Realize your Infinite Self
· Explore and awaken your LifeForce Energy, Divine intelligence, Creative dynamic bliss
· Realize who you really are
· Reconnect to your LoveSource
· Let Go of All Separation
· Live in flow, clarity and bliss

I recognized that deep into all practices there is a place-less place beyond power and energy, a pure love which doesn’t need to be powerful, it is beyond it, a place of light and love lighter than light. In the beginning we can believe it is a state, but truly, it is The forever stateless state of Silence. It is also called Deep sleep state awake.

No practice can Enlighten you, as your true nature is already enlightened, but a simple Flying Yogi Enlightenment Practice can help you realize this fact.

The only Goal is very simple, almost too simple: To just BE. The whole practice is based on the simple teachings from The Great Enlightened Sages. To just BE, SEE and Experience our limitless Eternal Self right now.

This movement and practice are not to go anywhere, but to explore how silence is unfolding at this moment as everything.
It is a way to Celebrate this moment forever.

Here you will very soon realize the invisible true stateless state of silence which can never leave you – The sleep-state awake. The Silence is already here and will always be here. You can manipulate a state but not this one. The stateless state it is received only by Grace.

The knowledge which is given in this program will remove the obstacles towards your freedom and you will move with the speed of light towards your goal.

I wish you many blessings with this practice. It is a joyful practice. It is very simple and you can not do it wrong. You can do it right now. Whenever you like.


What do a Qigong Master and Yoga Master say
about the Flying Yogi Practice?

Rune’s Flying Yogi

– It is simple to execute, it requires no effort, any preliminary preparation, special rules, etc.
– Spontaneous movement of the body without the intervention of the mind = meditation in motion without effort
– Very fast you won’t feel your body and the weight of your thoughts, you are just moving with everything that surrounds you – people, trees, rivers, wind, anything
– There is a deep silence, which you can sometimes hardly attain in an ordinary meditation.
– You perceive the light inside and outside, it flows through, you become a river of light
– The mind becomes clear and almost empty of thoughts
– The life force energy propels you into a new universe

Thank You
for the retreat


Rune’s Flying Yogi

Through this simple exercise, I have discovered „instant meditation”.
I have been practising asana for many years and could not say after many years of practice that this practice did not become meditation, but the flying yogi is slightly different.
I’ll explain how I feel.
With the legs spread and with the raised arms,  you start to move them, to fly. Why was it that the man since ever, tried to fly?

To imitate the birds? Or to just be free?
Here in this exercise I feel freedom, I feel as being a point in a circle (infinite one) that disappears and then everything it just is and it still moves.
Instant meditation / Isn’t this wonderful?

Thank you