Cum să te trezești la pace, curgere, înțelepciune, iubire, abundență adevărată și libertate totală în fiecare zi?


«Există o practică de iluminare fără efort, care funcționează instantaneu» Rune Heivang

Aceasta este o practică pe care o putem face fără efort pe cont propriu, în totală libertate de orice alte forme sau practici spirituale, fără a face ceva corect sau greșit. La fel cum copiii se joacă sau dansează în libertate.


Meditația Liniștea Vorbește

Meditația Liniștea Vorbește este o practica de iluminare fără efort, care se bazează pe învățăturile simple ale celor mai mari înțelepți iluminați care au pășit pe aceasta planetă. Sunt practici ale meditației și a rugăciunilor pe care ei le-au folosit.

Meditația Liniștea Vorbește

  ”I’m just a simple man who tells the Truth and if you understand it, you are free.” – Rune Heivang

Rune Heivang, master and teacher, has travelled for many years to search for the ultimate truth about human nature. Rune has studied varied teachings and met countless masters from around the world, including shamans and coaches, healers and physicians, research scientists and physicists, and meditation gurus and spiritual masters.

He learned varied models of healing and coaching, and meditation tools from all over the world. In particular, he has been strongly influenced by the Inca tradition. He was initiated directly into this tradition by different masters in the Andes Mountains, as well as by other prominent teachers in the U.S.A. From them all, he has learned advanced ways to unite body, mind and spirit.

Rune says: “Years ago, I went through a profound process — you might call it the real journey of the soul. Then life continued to manifest in different ways, as always. But there’s a major difference between what life was like before and now: I’m now awake in it. After a long search, after meeting thousands of remarkable people, I realized that I must not stop before I reach the ultimate destination. Of course it’s okay to say you reached the final target and live in a beautiful abundance of ‘all-that-is.’ But if abundance is just a state of mind, then it will change again. It happened to me. So I decided to go through to the end. I wanted to know the truth of all truths. And I had the understanding that it is not a ‘place,’ a state or experience, although all of them could lead me a few steps further down this road.”

After further investigations including teachings from Tibet and India, Rune realized a profound truth in his being and then started to talk and teach from this universal truth. This truth does not belong to any particular tradition, religion or technique. It will give the seeker ultimate freedom.

When Rune talks from this ultimate truth, he refuses to let his personal ego, titles, traditions or trademarked techniques get in the way of the teaching. He feels he really can work from freedom, honoring all beings, all traditions, religions, methods and ways.

Rune’s approach to psychology, coaching techniques, healing methods, meditation and energy methods such as yoga and chi gong differs in many ways.

“All these beautiful tools from all around the world are about finding your power center that gives inner peace so that happiness can blossom. Some call this mindfulness or union with God. For most people, the tools and understanding are based on experience. Because experiences change all the time, freedom and security change all the time as well,” says Rune.

To avoid this misunderstanding, you need a uniquely simple knowledge about what the ultimate freedom is and how it can last. Rune combines varied tools that help prepare and clear the mind, together with a distinctive teaching to bring you the knowledge that you are already free, whole and complete.

To understand who you really are, you need to stop the search. This moment is you.

”Freedom is freedom from seeking it!”

And this single understanding of what is called the Supreme Consciousness, our true nature, has been shown to be the final solution to any problem of the mind.

After reaching the ultimate understanding, Rune has shared it with thousands of clients and participants in his workshops, both in Norway and abroad.